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OTEK releases NTM digital panel meters

January 132015
OTEK releases NTM digital panel meters

January 13, 2015 – OTEK releases  New Technology Meters (NTMs) that include a digital display and an auto-tricolor bar-graph with four alarm pointers to indicate the process status. Unlike analog meters, they have no moving parts to get stuck and are not sensitive to shock, vibration, magnetic fields, EMI/RFI or wear and tear.  

The NTM-M and NTM-N are available in loop, signal or external power.  The units are HMI/MMI compliant and are DCS/SCADA/intranet compatible.  The meters include an input failure indication that will flash the message “INPT FAIL” and transmit a serial message with a run time stamp. The software has been verified and hardware has been approved for seismic and harsh environments.

The NTM’s HMI compliance to NUREG0700 and MMI compatibility with isolated serial communication, makes it ideal for upgrading from analog to digital technologies. Both meters are in the standard 4” ANSI switchboard housing. The NTM-M is available with bar segments and the NTM-N is available with dotted segments.