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PcVue updates PcVue

February 182015
PcVue updates PcVue

February 18, 2015 - PcVue  released PcVue 11.1 SCADA software features the monitoring of geographically distributed assets and IP (Internet Protocol) network devices.

GEO Map Control, a built-in component for GIS (geographic information system) decision-making, provides live interactive maps from popular mapping services such as Google and Microsoft. Maps are interactive and dynamic - supporting both off-line maps and on-demand retrieval of maps online. PcVue graphical objects (Symbols) may be used as markers including animations and display of real-time asset status and alarms.  No scripting or programming is required to configure the Map Control.

PcVue 11.1 provides powerful analysis tools integral to the operator’s workstation. With a few clicks, operators may move from real-time to analysis mode and back. Any logged data can be analyzed using techniques such as statistical analysis. The resulting visualization may be with dashboard KPI displays or the powerful new X-Y charting control supporting correlation analysis.

Enhancements to BACnet Scheduling and new connections to SMART Generators from BACNet and TwinCAT - Beckhoff for automated configuration are additional features and improvements to PcVue Solutions with PcVue 11.1.