Pepperl+Fuchs introduces VisuNet HMIs for hazardous locations

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces VisuNet HMIs for hazardous locations

July 7, 2011 - Pepperl+Fuchs introduces VisuNet Industrial KM915 and KM919 Operator Workstations, which enable process end users to benefit from PC-based visualization in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations.  They consist of a 15 in. or 19 in. monitor encased in a thin but rugged NEMA 4/4x Stainless or painted steel SlimLine housing suitable for washdown environments, and one of three internal KVM Extenders that enable plant operators to safely operate workstations up to 400 m (1300 ft.) from the server.  They are well suited for use in any number of oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, and flavor and fragrance applications.

The VisuNet KM9x’s enclosure design features continuously welded seams that are ground smooth, and mitigates heat without the need for venting or cooling fans.  The KVM extenders are a small transmitter and receiver pair that enable users to send keyboard, video and touchscreen or mouse signals over long distances, while still maintaining high quality VGA or DVI video resolution.  Available options include mounting hardware, as well as chemical and microbial-resistant keyboards.

The harsh ambient conditions in processing plants can be extremely problematic, and the equipment in continuous production facilities must meet the demands of constant use.  Visualization systems can be subject to moisture and extreme temperature shifts, as well as solvents chemicals and pressure cleaning.  KM9x Industrial operator workstations and KVM extenders solve this problem by enabling users to place only the most essential components in the field, and using data lines to establish connections to the desktop PC equipment in a safe area.