Pfannenberg announces Series CC chillers |

Pfannenberg announces Series CC chillers

August 032015
Pfannenberg announces Series CC chillers

August 4, 2015 - Pfannenberg announces Series CC chillers, complete, turnkey systems for delivering chilled, liquid coolant, which removes excess heat from a process or machine.

Series CC compact packaged chillers are available in two frame sizes

Features include:

  • Compressor-based refrigeration system
  • Coolant reservoir tank
  • Coolant pump
  • Finned-tube condenser
  • Axial type condenser fan
  • Stainless-steel brazed plate evaporator
  • Electronic parametric controller
  • UL 508A electrical panel
  • High & low refrigerant pressure switches
  • Freeze protection
  • Indoor/outdoor IP 54, NEMA 12/4 rated chassis with polyester powder-coated galvanized steel panel construction.
  • Service-friendly design

Operating the compact chiller is straightforward. Once the chiller is plumbed to the process, the desired coolant temperature can be set at the controller. The compressor in the refrigeration circuit will cycle on and off as required to maintain the desired coolant temperature. The coolant circulation pump will run continuously, however, an optional bypass flow circuit is available for applications that do not require constant cooling.

Typical applications for the Series CC compact packaged chillers include the following:

  • Liquid-cooled variable frequency drives (VFD’s)
  • Liquid-cooled machine center spindles
  • Liquid-cooled cameras and optical equipment
  • Liquid-cooled laser and x-ray equipment
  • Liquid-cooled chemical reaction vessels and chambers
  • Plastic injection molding operations
  • High vacuum processes
  • Semiconductor fabrication

About Pfannenberg, Inc.

Pfannenberg, Inc. is a global manufacturer of thermal management, liquid cooling solutions and signaling technologies. Pfannenberg’s enclosure thermal management products help some of the largest companies worldwide stay cool and safe, protecting and keeping electronic equipment running to avoid costly downtime. In addition to our thermal management products Pfannenberg also manufactures visual and audible signaling devices for security, fire, building, industrial process, disaster warning, hazardous areas, light art and illumination.