Phoenix Contact updates CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters |

Phoenix Contact updates CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters

January 282015

January 28, 2015 - Phoenix Contact added push-in connection technology (PT) to the CONTACTRON ELR-H3 and ELR-H5 hybrid motor starter family. The push-in technology reduces insertion forces up to 50 percent, compared with traditional screw termination and requires no tools for installation. It has five times the IEC requirement for pull-out force, ensuring a secure connection even in high-vibration environments.

Like the original screw-connection modules, the PT versions of the ELR-H3 and ELR-H5 can provide a mixture of forward and reverse motor operations, adjustable overloads, and an emergency-stop function. When properly optioned, one motor starter can provide up to four motor control functions in a single unit, while also providing a safety solution up to SIL 3 PLe.

CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters feature a small form-factor, wear-free operation, easy DIN rail-mounting installation, and low-voltage and line-voltage control configurations. These features increase the available space and add flexibility to control cabinet design without the need for additional components and without the wear that occurs in electromechanical contactors.

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