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PI announces Q-545 compact linear stage

PI announces Q-545 compact linear stage

June 3, 2016– PI (Physik Instrumente), a provider of precision motion control and positioning solutions, announces the release of the Q-545 compact linear stage, 45mm wide, which combines high positioning accuracy with high force and velocity. The Q-545 is designed to provide advantages for use in research and OEM instrumentation that require positioning precision and alignment, such as photonics, bio-technology, nanotechnology, precision-optics, life-sciences, or medical design.

With holding force of 8N and maximum velocity of 10mm/sec, the self-clamping motor design provides long-term power-off position-hold capabilities.

The stages can be run in open and closed-loop. A high resolution option with integral linear position encoder providing 1 nanometer resolution is also available. Nonmagnetic versions and an ultra-high-vacuum version for pressures of 10-9 hPa are optional.


  • Self-Clamping High Precision Ceramic Motor
  • XY Configurations
  • Linear Encoder Available
  • 8N Feed Force
  • 13 and 26mm Travel Range
  • 10mm/sec Max. Velocity