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PI releases LMS-180 linear motor stage

PI releases LMS-180 linear motor stage

May 30, 2017 –PI (Physik Instrumente) has released an elevated version of its ironless linear motor stage, LMS-180, which is designed for precision automation applications in industry and research that require accurate linear motion over long travel with high load capacity.

The LMS-180 linear stage family is available with five travel ranges from 6” (155mm) to 20” (508mm). Equipped with an ironless electromagnetic linear motor, the LMS-180 delivers motion with 15 nanometers resolution and repeatability down to 0.05 microns. When driven with the SMC Hydra closed-loop motion controller, a maximum velocity of 19.7”/second (500mm/sec) is reached. Position feedback is provided by an integrated direct-measuring incremental linear encoder with sine/cosine output. Recirculating ball bearings provide a capacity of 250N (56lbs).

The LMS-180 is designed for applications where resolution and constant velocity is required, such as in optics inspection, metrology, photonics, interferometry, and semiconductor test equipment.