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PIE announces 525B Thermocouple and RTD calibrator.

PIE announces 525B  Thermocouple and RTD calibrator.

April 17, 2015 - Practical Instrument Electronics announces 525B  Thermocouple and RTD calibrator. It  weighs less than a pound and has a protective rubber boot, low profile switches, easy access AA battery compartment and a backlit display.  High accuracy and resolution are achieved by using an extremely stable, low drift circuit design with a +/- .05°C reference thermistor.

The easy to use double click menu system allows for quick setup, fast switching between functions, pre-programming of set points and of step/ramp times.  Standard functions include sourcing and reading of 14 T/C types, 12 RTD curves, millivolts and ohms.  Additional features include ability to turn cold junction compensation on/off, display of cold junction temperature and a secondary display showing corresponding mV/ohm values of the temperature.

PIE calibrators are also designed with the field technician in mind – troubleshooting tools available with the PIE 525B include 2,3 & 4 Wire detection along with the ability to read and display an RTD transmitter’s excitation current.  Wire detection helps find broken wires from RTD sensors. The display of the transmitter’s excitation current (and whether or not it is pulsed or fixed) confirms the transmitter is operating correctly.