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Pittman Introduces DC032A brush dc motor

Pittman Introduces DC032A brush dc motor

June 24, 2015 - Pittman Motors introduces DC032A brush dc motor, a high torque density motor designed in a rectangular package.

Its compact size and high-power density makes it especially suitable for portable equipment. The motor body cross section measures a compact 25 mm by 32 mm.  It is available in three motor lengths with continuous torque from 0.027 - 0.034 Nm.  The DC032A series has a maximum speed of 6500 rpm and can be used with DC bus voltages up to 48 volts.  There are 8 standard winding variations to suit most every project.  Custom windings are available to further maximize exacting end-product requirements.

The motor construction features a high-energy, 4-pole stator with rare earth magnets.  The 13 slot commutation design minimizes torque ripple.  The armature slots are skewed for optimum reduction of reluctance torque (LO-COG).  The motor shaft is supported by shielded ball bearings that are preloaded for low vibration and quiet operation.

DC032A motors are available with optional Pittman G35A gearboxes and H type incremental encoders.