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Point Grey introduces Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 Camera

October 152014
Point Grey introduces Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 Camera

October 15, 2014 - Point Grey announced Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 2 MP global shutter CMOS camera.
The Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 models are based on color and monochrome versions of the EV76C570 Sapphire sensor from e2v. This sensor has an optical format of 1/1.8", similar to the 1.3 MP EV76C560 sensor featured in the FL3-U3-13E4, allowing existing EV76C560 users to upgrade without affecting optics.  The FL3-U3-20E4 uses a global shutter CMOS sensor featuring 4.5 micron square pixels capable of 1600 x 1200 resolution at 59 FPS, and provides smear and distortion-free imaging. Users can also access an electronic rolling shutter mode for lower noise and improved dynamic range.

The Flea3 measures just 29x29x30 mm in size and offers a host of unique features, including temperature, power, and status monitoring; a powerful image processing pipeline for color interpolation, look up table, and gamma;  a 32 MByte frame buffer for retransmitting images; and USB3 Vision support. Like all Point Grey USB 3.0 cameras, the Flea3 uses a proprietary USB 3.0 link layer and frame buffer-based architecture for optimal performance and reliability, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

The Flea3 FL3-U3-20E4 is list priced at $795/EUR625.


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