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POSIC presents ID4501 programmable linear encoder

November 122014
POSIC presents ID4501 programmable linear encoder

November 12, 2014 - POSIC presents ID4501 programmable linear encoder that is housed in a tiny SMD package. The encoder employs an eddy-current sensing technique, which detects electrically conducting materials such as copper. The encoder’s scale consists of a printed circuit board with high-precision copper patterns. Both encoder and scale do not attract ferromagnetic dust/particles, are insensitive to humidity, grease, liquids, don’t need to be cleaned and operate flawlessly inside magnetic fields (e.g. inside an electric motor).

Just like optical and magnetic encoders, the ID4501 provides incremental A and B pulses in quadrature. The period-length of the scale is 1.2 mm and the interpolation factor can be programmed from x2 to x16’384, leading to a resolution better than 0.1 um. The maximum speed depends on the resolution and can reach a value of 20 m/s.

An Evaluation and Programming Tool EPT is available for the ID4501. The tool consists of a PC-based software and an interface board that is connected to the encoder via the regular encoder-cable. The EPT allows you to program the resolution, the maximum speed and a 48-bit identification number. For high-accuracy applications, it is possible to linearize the ID4501 against a reference encoder and to program the linearization data (Look Up Table) in the encoder’s non-volatile memory.

This encoder is targeted to applications where space is premium, where high-resolution and high-speed are required and where contaminations and strong magnetic fields may be present. Typical applications are position-feedback in miniature motors, direct drives, pick & place equipment and XY-tables in domains like robotics, automation and instrumentation.

The ID4501 is available in a 10-lead 5 x 6 mm SMD-package and is specified to operate at 5V over a temperature range of -20 to +100°C.

ID4501 encoders, linear scales and the Evaluation and Programming Tool are available from stock.