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POSITAL Introduces UBIFAST Programming Tool

POSITAL Introduces UBIFAST Programming Tool

March 3, 2015 - POSITAL Introduces UBIFAST Programming Tool, a hardware module that connects to programmable encoders through an accessory cable. With UBIFAST, the performance characteristics of POSITAL encoders can be extensively modified through software changes, without requiring changes to physical components. This increases the versatility of these devices for end users and helps distributors offer a wide range of options without having to increase the number of models held in inventory.

The UBIFAST tool has a built-in WiFi hotspot and webserver. Once the tool has been connected to the encoder and powered up, a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer can connect through WiFi. A configuration interface will automatically open up in a standard web browser window - no app, no software installation, no Internet connection required! The user is guided through the configuration process in a few simple steps. Once the incremental parameters (pulses per revolution, pulse direction and output driver) and/ or absolute parameters (resolution, number of turns, code, SSI direction and preset value) have been selected, programming the encoder will only take a few minutes.

To help users and distributors keep track of how each device has been set up, POSITAL has introduced an Internet-enabled configuration management system for programmable sensors. Whenever a device is reconfigured, the operator has the option of registering the changes with POSITAL through an automatic email interface. POSITAL will update the configuration history of the device, identified by serial number, in a database maintained by the company. If a replacement is required, this record can be retrieved and used to build a sensor with an identical configuration.

FRABA Inc. is the North American sister company of the Netherlands-based FRABA, a group of enterprises focused on providing advanced products for position sensing and motion control in many sectors and applications. Business units within the FRABA group include POSITAL (position sensors) and VITECTOR (safety assurance equipment).