PPT VISION Announces CM-140GE-UV Camera

PPT VISION Announces CM-140GE-UV Camera

July 11, 2011 - PPT VISION Announces CM-140GE-UV Camer, aan ultra-violet (UV) camera for inspections that benefit from this shorter wavelength of light.The UV camera  marks a “first” in the machine vision industry, with seamless integration with PPT VISION’s M Series vision system and IMPACT software. This GigE Vision-compliant monochrome camera delivers 1392 x 1040-pixel resolution at 16 fps in continuous operation to capture images of UV-sensitive materials, or objects that can only be imaged with ultra-violet light.

PPT VISION also announced a remote-head “industrial endoscopy” model for special applications and  the release of IMPACT 10.2 software to support the M-Series vision system family with streamlined functionality and expanded image management capabilities.

The remote-head camera (model CM-030GE-RH) represents the first mobile imaging capability in an integrated machine vision system. This compact model, 17 mm in diameter and 46 mm in length with 2-meter connector cable, provides 656 x 494 resolution at 120 fps, with a 1/3” progressive-scan CCD sensor. It is designed for inspections where electronics must be positioned away from the camera, such as connector inspection or microelectronics assembly operations.

PPT VISION’s IMPACT 10.2 software supports the M-Series integrated vision system family, with added functionality and user control. All images now can be stored in a temporary circular image history file so that the operator can step forward and backward through images and run inspections under controlled circumstances. The underlying communications structure has been further enhanced to provide more robust communications fieldbus protocols. And, new tool setups make Data Matrix, Serial and TCP/IP tools easier to use.


“The introduction of these specialty cameras marks a giant step forward in adapting the newest vision technologies to serve a growing demand for more sophisticated applications,” said Bob Heller, CEO of PPT VISION. “We are excited to partner with JAI in breaking new ground in the machine vision industry with these expanded camera capabilities.”

“PPT VISION has continued to attract attention internationally in the machine vision industry for its intuitive drag-and-drop programming,” said Heller. “This latest software release reinforces our commitment to continue to define the best possible navigation and control in every machine vision application – guaranteed.”

PPT VISION develops, manufactures and markets machine vision solutions for global markets, backed by expandable hardware platforms and technical service.

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