Precise Automation introduces PAVP6 safe 6-axis robot |

Precise Automation introduces PAVP6 safe 6-axis robot

January 072015
Precise Automation introduces PAVP6 safe 6-axis robot

Fremont, California - January 7, 2015 - Precise Automation introduces PAVP6, a collaborative 6-axis articulated robot that limits all collision forces.  Designed as an intrinsically safe mechanism, it will not injure a user even if it accidentally impacts them at full speed. This eliminates the need for expensive safety barriers and permits the robot to operate safely side-by-side with personnel.  Combined with absolute encoder motors, which do not require any motion to home during start-up, these safety features greatly reduce the risk of injuring people or damaging equipment during operation.

This low-cost, quiet OEM mechanism has its motion controller, harnesses and power supplies embedded within its base to eliminate extra controller enclosures and external power and communication harnesses.  This space saving design, combined with the collaborative features of the robot, enables the PAVP6 to be quickly deployed in mixed manufacturing environments where people can enter active automated workcells without interruptions to the process. This allows for easy workcell integration into pre-existing manual lines and a more cohesive human/robot assembly process. 

PAVP6 has an embedded Precise Guidance Motion Controller.  This controller offers gravity balanced free mode teaching aids and excellent capabilities for automatically generating elegant and reliable motion sequences.  Its features permit the mechanism's end effector to move along smooth, straight line paths or arbitrarily complex motion sequences by simply moving the robot by hand to start and end positions and letting the controller handle the rest.  Combined with a simple, yet powerful programming language, Ethernet interface (featuring PC control via an open source TCP/IP Command Server), kinematics for Cartesian motions, an embedded web server that permits the robot to be operated locally via a standard browser executed on a PC, a wireless tablet or remotely from anywhere in the world, the PAVP6 simplifies programming and reduces cycle times with the most efficient motions possible.  When machine vision is needed, Precise Vision can easily be added to the robot as an option.