Process Sensors introduces Metis M311/22 pyrometer |

Process Sensors introduces Metis M311/22 pyrometer

Process Sensors introduces Metis M311/22 pyrometer

March 5, 2015 - Process Sensors introduces Metis M311/22 pyrometer that can be used in ambient temperatures up to 80°C without cooling. The fiber optic cable and lens assembly for use with the M3 Fiber optic versions are ambient rated up to 250°C.

The Metis M3’s integrated keypad and 10-digit display enable all pyrometer settings to be easily manipulated by the user.

Based on high resolution 16 bit digital signal processing, the M3 provides convenient universal configuring. It has digital inputs and outputsm accuracy of 0.25%, and the sensor’s built-in video chip offers the ability to view in real time, a color composite video that can be displayed on a video monitor or using a standard off-the-shelf video to USB frame grabber, displayed on a PC.

The Metis M311/ 22 series offer manually adjustable focus, fixed focus, or remote motorized focus options. The precise alignment of the target is accomplished by laser, through lens sighting, or real-time color video. The dual wavelength sensor series delivers fast response times of <1 ms, adjustable up to 10 seconds and a dirty window alarm. Two analog output signals can be set (0-20mA or 4-20mA) individually, with switchable RS232 or RS485 serial interfaces as standard.

The high-speed serial digital interface and two high-resolution 16-bit analog 0/4-20mA linear outputs, are adjustable and configurable for a precise output of temperature measured values. Optionally, the pyrometer can be equipped with Profinet, Profibus or Ethernet to couple to a master controller.