Process Sensors releases IR thermometer for molten metals |

Process Sensors releases IR thermometer for molten metals

November 252015
Process Sensors releases IR thermometer for molten metals

November 25, 2015 - Process Sensors releases PSC-SSS-LASER-05M non-contact infrared thermometer that makes temperature measurement of metal surfaces and molten metals.

Featuring a very short measuring wavelength of 525 nm, the PSC-SSS-LASER-05M minimizes measuring errors due to emissivity uncertainty and atmospheric changes.

The sensor offers a temperature range between 1000 and 2000ºC, scalable via simple-to-use programming keys or the included PSC Connect software. The same keys and software adjust peak hold, valley hold, average and extended hold functions with threshold and hysteresis. The sensor’s dual lasers precisely pinpoint targets at any distance. With a 150:1 FOV with a choice of fixed focus optics, the sensor has a fast response time of 1ms. High resolution optics provide spot sizes from 1mm.

The sensorfeatures a choice of outputs including USB, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Profibus DP and Ethernet. Programmable functional inputs for external emissivity adjustment, ambient temperature compensation and trigger reset of hold functions are provided.

PSC-SSS-LASER-05M is ideal for monitoring molten metal pour streams, crucibles, disamatic casting operations, furnaces, graphite applications and high temperature induction heat treating/forging applications.

The sensor is usable up to 85ºC ambient temperature without a cooling apparatus and features an automatic laser “switch off” at 50ºC. The sensor head can be installed in high ambient temperatures and a full line of rugged industrial accessories is available for its protection and optimum operation. These include an advanced cooling jacket for use with air or water; mechanical accessories including mounting brackets, air purge collars to protect from dust and outside impact, and sight tubes and mounting flanges.