Production Process announces ProductionACE/CMMS |

Production Process announces ProductionACE/CMMS

Production Process announces ProductionACE/CMMS

July 16, 2014 - Production Process announces ProductionACE/CMMS, an entry-level computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with companion equipment run-hour and cycle count meters that connect to production and auxiliary equipment.

Preventive Maintenance based on equipment run hours and cycle counts is more effective than calendar scheduling. But equipment meters often don’t exist. When they do, manually entering meter readings into a CMMS is both non-productive and labor intensive. ProductionACE/CMMS provides automated meter reading via intelligent Machine Data Transducers (MDT-02M) that can be installed easily on each production machine and piece of auxiliary equipment to be monitored.

The system identifies when maintenance is “near due” and “due” based on user-set limits for run hours and cycle counts for a production machine or a removable, job or product-related component, such as a mold, die, tool or printing plate. For auxiliary equipment, the system tracks run time, duty cycle and number of stop/start cycles.

The system functions as a basic, standalone CMMS, but is designed primarily to enhance third-party, full-featured CMMS systems by providing automated meter reading where no equipment meters are installed, or eliminate manual meter reading and data entry if meters are present.

The system also records production counts, rejects, downtime, production rate and cycle time, making it possible to analyze Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), both historically and in real time. Additionally, an element of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) can be implemented by monitoring OEE to determine where major inefficiencies begin to occur and fine-tuning usage-based maintenance procedures accordingly.