SICK announces MLG-2 Automation Light Grid |

SICK announces MLG-2 Automation Light Grid

November 032014
SICK announces MLG-2 Automation Light Grid

November 3, 2014 - SICK announced MLG-2 automation light grids. The speed, resolution and optical features of the MLG-2 enable it to detect and measure transparent, small and fast-moving objects even under harsh conditions.

A small beam spacing of just 5 mm ensures the thinnest objects are detected while a new “Transparent Mode” function provides measurement, location tracking and hole tracking on transparent materials. A dura-ble aluminum housing with an enclosure rating up to IP 67 makes the MLG-2 resistant to glare and ambient light. In addition, commissioning can be easily completed using the intuitive display or SICK’s SOPAS soft-ware tool.

Available in two variants — Prime and Pro — the MLG-2 provides a durable, functional and high-quality solu-tion for the most demanding detection tasks. The MLG-2 Prime features two analog outputs, up to three switching outputs and optical synchronization. The MLG-2 Pro — a more advanced variant — includes transparent, high-speed and high-resolution modes, wired synchronization, IO-Link 1.1, and troubleshooting via SOPAS software.

The MLG-2, which includes the IO-Link interface, is designed for high-resolution and high-speed measure-ment applications in the logistics, traffic, robotics, machine building, and food and beverage industries. Its advanced application capabilities also make it ideal for dusty, dirty or outdoor environments.

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