Profile Ramp-Soak PID Controls 1/16 & 1/4 DIN |

Profile Ramp-Soak PID Controls 1/16 & 1/4 DIN

Profile Ramp-Soak PID Controls 1/16 & 1/4 DIN


  • Oven and Furnaces
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Kilns; glass, wood, metal,etc.
  • Food Processing - Smokehouses
  • Sterilizers / Autoclaves
  • Hot plates
  • many more applications

The FDC-P Series of controllers, the FDC-P41 1/4 DIN and FDC-P91 1/16 DIN, with up to 9 Profiles (up to 64 segments/profile) and up to 5 outputs set new standards for single loop Profile controls. Packed with performance and features meeting simple or complicated OEM applications, the P Series provides an unrivaled value.

Exceptionally easy to use, the P Series offers up to 9 Profiles with up to 64 segments per program, maximum of 4 control outputs, configurable Event input, PID Selection by Segment or Event input, PV/SP Retransmission (15-bit), serial Modbus RTU communication option, fast scan rate (5 scans/second), user friendly prompts, PC Configuration port and a Home Page feature that make it the right choice for a Profile


The P Series offers a full range of universal high resolution (18 bit) inputs; T/C, RTD and linear mA/VDC inputs. Power requirement of either 90-250 VAC or optional 11-26 VAC/VDC allows the P Series to be used virtually anywhere.




  • PC Configurable
  • PID Fuzzy Assisted Auto Tuning
  • 2-sets of PID configurations
  • Up to 4 Control Outputs and optionally     Retransmission of SP/ PV / PID % out
  • Serial Communications (option)
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Universal Process Input / 18 Bit A-D
  • 9 Programs with up to 64 steps/program
  • Profile Features; Holdback, Wait For & more
  • Event Input configurable for 1 of many functions
  • SEL configurable prompt sequence
  • Simple to Use & Configure