ProSoft Introduces Linux Development Module |

ProSoft Introduces Linux Development Module

ProSoft Introduces Linux Development Module

June 5, 2014 -- ProSoft Technology released Linux Development Module for ControlLogix and CompactLogix processors.
The module enables C/C++ developers to write custom applications for legacy or proprietary applications.
The ControlLogix-compatible module (MVI56E-LDM) has two independent Ethernet ports and two independent serial ports, and a scrolling LED display for custom messages. The CompactLogix-compatible module (MVI69E-LDM) comes with one Ethernet port and two independent serial ports. A complete Linux virtual machine, integrated development environment and a C API backplane interface are supplied on a development-kit DVD, allowing users to start coding immediately.
The Linux Development Module is ideal for anyone who wants to create applications that interface with any device requiring custom Ethernet and serial communications, or execute custom functions.
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