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PULS 24V/10A Power Supply: 95% Efficiency

November 132014
PULS 24V/10A Power Supply: 95% Efficiency

November 13, 2014 - When it comes to both efficiency and size, the new 24V/10A DIN-Rail power supply called CPS10 from PULS is setting new records. In its field it is raising the bar ever higher using latest power supply technology and sophisticated thermal design. This is the first time ever that a DIN-Rail power supply in this power level, single-phase global input and active PFC has achieved an efficiency of 95%. This unprecedented low level of heat generation made a size reduction by 35% from 60mm to 39mm possible.

Additionally all the latest features are included: full performance from -25°C to +60°C without derating, HiccupPLUS sophisticated power management to deliver 20% extra peak power and at the same time protect loads and wiring, active input inrush current limiter for low input inrush current and a DC-OK signal to monitor the output voltage. The new remote on/off feature makes it simple and convenient to switch the power supply off for energy saving using signals rather than a power switch.

Weighing only 600g, these small devices are exceptionally light, making them particularly suited for applications needing ruggedness for shock and vibration as e.g. all kind of vehicles and in wind power. For the process industry the products are approved according to ATEX/IECEx standards at no extra charge. A 12V version will follow soon.

PULS and the CPS10 set a new benchmark in this relevant market segment and lay the foundation for a new line of products for multiple applications. Samples are available from stock.

About PULS
The PULS group is a global technology market leader in the field of industrial and DIN rail power supplies, DC UPS, buffer and redundancy modules. The private company headquartered in Munich is globally represented through its own subsidiaries and distribution partners. All PULS products are developed in Germany and produced in Europe and Asia at the company’s own certified and environmentally friendly production facilities.