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Qmicro announces micro GC gas analyzer

Qmicro announces micro GC gas analyzer

March 2, 2017 - Qmicro will introduce at Pittcon 2017 in Chicago an extension of their micro GC product family: Explosion proof micro GC analyzer
This IECEx/ATEX certified gas analyzer is based on the micro GC platform with the replaceable cartridge.  A range of custom specific configured applications is enabled by the 4 GC channel cartridge. The transmitter performs on-line gas analysis and heating value computation and has external dimensions of 29 x 26 x 12 cm3.

The micro GC platform is designed for gas mixture analysis, for on-line monitoring. It allows fully autonomous gas analysis and can run unattended pre-configured analysis methods, including peak identification, integration and result communication via industry standards. The micro GC platform can be installed for a variety of applications, such as - but not limited to - variable natural gas and biogas applications. The micro GC module is designed to enable customized gas analyzers with low investments and short time to market for OEM instrument manufacturers and system integrators.