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R Stahl releases tough 4x8 HMIs

January 292015
R Stahl releases tough 4x8 HMIs

January 29, 2015 - R Stahl releases 4x8 HMI explosion-protected Panel PCs for zones 1/2 that consist of a front module with the bright display, a second module containing the processor unit with a fast CPU (AMD Dual Core G-T56N or Intel Core i7-3517UE), and a large heat sink with massive ribs.

Due to the stack effect, display and processor module heat is dissipated via natural convection in ambient temperatures up to +65 °C. Operation of the HMIs in extremely cold environments with temperatures down to ­40 °C is also possible with an optional integrated heater – no additional enclosures or external fittings are required.

The seawater-proof sealed aluminium enclosures protect against humidity in line with IP66.

The Panel PCs offer numerous functions for operating and monitoring tasks on drilling platforms, including integrated cameras for video calls, RFID interface for access control systems, and various wireless communication systems (Bluetooth as well as intrinsically safe 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi capability).

Combining a bright multi-touch panel and a hardened glass screen, the HMIs feature a sunlight-readable display that remains glare-free even in very strong ambient light. An integrated brightness sensor automatically adapts the display brightness to changing natural or artificial light conditions.

The HMIs come with Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows Embedded Standard 7. They are available with 15-inch, 21.5-inch and 24-inch WU format screens. The compact units can be mounted in many ways, for example on a yoke, as a Rig Floor PC or with a VESA mount inside a container. IECEx and ATEX certificates have already been obtained. INMETRO, TR, NEC and CSA certifications are pending and due for completion in the first half of 2015.

Company background
R. STAHL HMI Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of explosion protection specialist R. STAHL. R. STAHL HMI Systems specialises in the development and production of operating and monitoring systems both for hazardous and industrial areas. Since its foundation, the company has been the only provider worldwide of the full range of both types of applications. Product lines with clearly defined areas of application, performance-related device classes and individual service and support for customers worldwide are evidence of the company’s commitment to customer care.