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Radix releases InspectTracker vision inspection tool

Radix releases InspectTracker vision inspection tool

April 7, 2017 - Radix announced the release of their vision inspection technology, InspectTracker.  Support for Industry 4.0 with digitization of data for manufacturers was the impetus behind the development of InspectTracker.   In particular, the requirements for detailed inspection procedures for complex part surfaces, currently hand inspected in fluourescent penetrant inspection, or FPI, booths, was an opportunity for digitization that InspectTracker was designed to address

Almost hands free, as the operator moves from defect to defect with the InspectTracker stylus, the product identifies defects and maps the complex part surface. Voice commands are used to identity defect type, which is translated to a completely digital record of inspection data.  Data points are precisely located with vision algorithms, mapping the data points on a virtual part model, or digital twin. The application is designed for ease and speed of use, allowing the highly trained inspector to focus on the quality assessment.