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RAFI releases pushbuttons for individual labeling

RAFI releases pushbuttons for individual labeling

April 14, 2015 - RAFI releases FLEXLAB pushbuttons that can be individually labeled allowing engineers to reduce time for planning or customizing operating devices. By labeling the FLEXLAB pushbutton, function assignments relevant to the target application need not be taken into consideration too early, but can be carried out at a convenient later time – including by the end customer.

The flexible identification system also allows for the correct and appropriate placement of the label if the control panels or individual control units have to be mounted in an order that, due to changes in mounting conditions, diverges from the plans. DIN-A4 labeling sheets with pre-cut labels are suitable for the base unit of the FLEXLAB pushbutton and can be printed with any conventional office printers. After the labeling inserts are printed, the labels can simply be detached from the sheet and inserted into the exchangeable lens using the fine stop tabs.

The lenses are available in colorless, red, yellow, and green designs and have a small raised tactile dot located at 12 o’clock, making them easier to insert and snap into the desired direction.

The FLEXLAB pushbuttons reach IP 65 protection class, are illuminated, and available with latching or momentary functions. Buttons have a mounting size of 30 x 30 mm with square or round collars. Depending on whether the buttons are combined with PCB contact blocks for printed circuit board applications or with QC contact blocks for wiring, the mounting depth is 9.2 mm or 27 mm behind the front plate.