Reliable Controls releases RC-WebView 3.4 enterprise server solution |

Reliable Controls releases RC-WebView 3.4 enterprise server solution

August 112016
Reliable Controls releases RC-WebView 3.4 enterprise server solution

August 11, 2016 - RC-WebView 3.4 from Reliable Controls is an enterprise server solution that meets the BACnetOperator Workstation profile (B-OWS), allowing operators to command any BACnet, IP-connected building configured with System Groups, from anywhere in the world

This latest version of RC-WebView introduces a number of new features to improve the product and expand its capabilities.

Features include:

  • Cleanup Configuration service to automatically or manually clear out expired Enterprise Schedule events
  • Multipoint and Single-Point Trend Log worksheets for creating, viewing, and editing trend logs
  • Notification Classes worksheet to configure alarm properties, broadcast destination, and email recipients
  • Gallery feature to access and manage banner images, Navigation Group graphics, and logos
  • Contect sensitive help
  • Integration with myControl app

Using a modern browser, operators can access and edit BACnet Inputs, Outputs, Values, Schedules, Groups, Alarms, Trend Logs, and more. The Enterprise Websites and Enterprise Schedules allow managers to link multiple independent systems together and push hierarchical schedules across multiple facilities, using Single Sign-On (SSO). Navigation Groups extend the graphical integration capabilities of RC-WebView, allowing URL links to connect to any 3rd party Web-based interface. Administrators will appreciate RC-WebView’s Active Directory capabilities, and its flexible permission controls for managing user accounts and accessibility.

Designed to take advantage of the latest web technologies and mobile platforms, RC-WebView is the ideal web solution for today’s progressive facility manager.
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