REO CNW chokes EMI problems |

REO CNW chokes EMI problems

September 032015
REO CNW chokes EMI problems

September 3, 2015 - REO UK released CNW 5-limb chokes targeting electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems in industrial applications. CNW is available in two variants, the liquid cooled series-835 motor choke and the series-915 three-phase line choke. CNW features high thermal dissipation and a maximum current rating of 1200 A.

CNW series dampens current peaks and voltage drops on the network caused by high frequency switching, smoothing the waveform and providing a clean sinusoidal current output.

It uses a combination of wound and unwound limbs to ensure that the choke can transfer and attenuate the EMI without unwanted thermal loading, which, if not dealt with, can lead to magnetic field leakage and cause common-mode and radio frequency interference (RFI) on nearby equipment.