Rexroth breaks out IndraDrive from cabinets |

Rexroth breaks out IndraDrive from cabinets

November 212014
Rexroth breaks out IndraDrive from cabinets

November 21, 2014 - Decentralized IndraDrive Mi drives, supply and mains modules can be mounted on machines, with no need for cabinets or enclosures.This lets machine manufacturers integrate all drive components directly into the machine without the need for a control cabinet. Components have IP65 classification to protect against dust and water stream protection for robust use directly in the machine.

The mains module includes a mains filter, mains regulator and even the mains protection in one device. The energy recovering power supply, control electronics, brake resistor and brake transistors are located in the supply module. The machines and modules are connected to the power supply directly without deviation via the cabinet. This reduces machine assembly wiring by 90 percent.

With the decentralized modules, machine manufacturers can also connect up to 20 IndraDrive Mi units in series in a cable harness up to 200 meters long. Significantly more drives can be switched in series, depending on power consumption, cable length and selected options. In adjacent near-motor drives, a newly developed hybrid plug further reduces assembly work. These protected connector pieces, used for communication and power supply, are simply plugged into an adjacent IndraDrive Mi unit by assembly technicians.

The cabinet-free drive technology extends the possibilities of modularized machine concepts. Machine manufacturers can pre-assemble modules and then connect them to one another at the cabinet without any further work. In addition, Rexroth increases the modularity with standardized interfaces for communication: the IndraDrive Mi supports all of the common Ethernet-based protocols, such as ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT, all on one piece of hardware with the Multi-Ethernet interface via the automation bus Sercos. The hardware remains identical and selection occurs purely via software. Additionally, a connection to Profibus via Gateway can be created.

To achieve consistent modularization, machine manufacturers are increasingly reallocating control functions to the individual machine modules. With the drive-integrated control unit from Rexroth, drive functions, motion control and flow logic merge into an open automation platform. This IEC 61131-3 standards-based motion logic system controls complex motion tasks. The drive-based control by Rexroth coordinates up to nine IndraDrive Mi units as slaves in real time.