Saelig announces Select-A-Shield RF Wireless Test Boxes |

Saelig announces Select-A-Shield RF Wireless Test Boxes

October 282014
Saelig announces Select-A-Shield RF Wireless Test Boxes

October 28, 2014 - Saelig introduced Select-A-Shield RF Wireless Test Boxes - lightweight, collapsible RF shielding boxes designed to facilitate testing of wireless devices for design, manufacturing quality control, and EMC applications.  Made from highly conductive fabric and RF absorbing foam to isolate wireless devices and systems from RF and microwave interference, these RF shields cost much less than equivalent hard-sided enclosures.
Weighing less than three pounds - a fraction of a hard-walled test box, and much more portable - Select-A-Shield RF Wireless Test Boxes are simple to set up and collapse for compact storage. These lightweight test boxes can be easily transported in test kits or vehicles for on-site applications, and their performance compares favorably with hard-walled test enclosures, exhibiting an average attenuation of -75.3dB from 850MHz to 5800MHz.
USA-made Select-A-Shield RF test box exterior walls are made from conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS-compliant fabric. One-half inch thickness of RF absorbing foam is covered in durable nylon material creating a box structure which protects the devices being tested from the conductive materials. A complete box is achieved by folding and securing the opening with an integral hook-and-loop closure system.
Four standard sizes are available (from 6" x 12" x 4" up to 11" x 12" x 7") but others can be made to order. Three standard pre-configured I/O plates allow external networking, but custom connector choices can also be accommodated.
Select-A-Shield Wireless RF Test Boxes are ideal for cellular carriers field testing at cell towers and base stations. These portable fabric and foam RF test boxes can also be used in lab simulations for coverage testing. In the lab environment, including R&D, prototype and manufacturing quality testing, these fabric RF test boxes can be folded and stored when not in use - saving valuable bench space. Semiconductor providers can easily transport these Wireless Test Boxes to test components at customer's development and factory sites.  Electronics testing laboratories in the commercial and industrial wireless, automotive, aerospace, defense and military industries can achieve space and cost savings over conventional hard-walled boxes by using the portable EMI shields.

Select-A-Shield Wireless RF Test Boxes are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY.

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