Saelig announces TGP3100 series of pulse generators |

Saelig announces TGP3100 series of pulse generators

August 222016
Saelig announces TGP3100 series of pulse generators

August 22, 2016 - Saelig has announced the TGP3100 series of true pulse generators that can generate precision pulses from 1 mHz up to 50 MHz with pulse width and delay resolutions of 100 psec. Single and dual channel models are available, both featuring graphic LCDs for simultaneous text and waveform information. The TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all-digital techniques, but they can also act as noise generators and as function/arbitrary generators. The TGP3100 series has a dedicated pulse generator architecture enabling a highresolution of pulse width and delay, and asynchronous operation with minimal jitter.

The TGP3100 series features independently variable rise and fall times that can be set from 5 nsec up to 800 seconds. PWM and PDM (pulse width and pulse delay modulation) are incorporated. Unlike many other pulse generators, the TGP3100 series can perform linear and logarithmic sweeps of all waveform types, as well as internal/external modulation of all waveforms (e.g. AM, FM, PM, SUM, FSK and BPSK etc.), double pulse, and user-defined pulse patterns. The frequency of these waveforms can be set with up to 14 digits or one microHertz of resolution. PRBS (Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence) sequence patterns can be created with lengths between 127 and 8,388,607 bits. Time delay compensated external triggering allows asynchronous pulse generation with variable delay and minimal jitter. An external width mode allows asynchronous pulse reconstruction. A high drive capability output stage can drive 20 Vpk-pk into a 50 Ohm load. The output voltage can be load-impedance compensated over a range with a minimum output level of 10 mVpk-pk. Sine waves are available up to 50 MHz and fifteen other standard waveforms are provided. Arbitrary waveforms have 16-bit resolution with an 800 Msample/sec rate.

With the TGP31x2 dual versions, either output can be triggered by the other channel to set up an inter-channel trigger scheme without requiring external connections. The dual channel model's two independent generators has facilities for coupled and tracking operation; e.g. if frequency of one channel is changed, the frequency of the other channel can also change - either by a fixed ratio or fixed offset. Amplitudes (and DC offsets) of the two channels can be coupled such that changing the amplitude and offset on one channel changes the amplitude and offset of both channels. Outputs of the two channels can be coupled such that switching the output on/off on one channel switches the output on/off of both channels. When in tracking mode, both channels will behave as one channel. If inverse tracking is selected, both channels still behave as one channel except that the output of channel 2 is inverted. The relative phase can be set from -360 degrees to +360 degrees with 0.1 degree resolution. Pressing the 'align' key phase synchronizes the two channels with the specified phase offset.

A USB flash drive interface on the front panel can store results or setups, and the TGP3100 series can be externally controlled via USB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces (GPIB optional).. TGP3121/ TGP3151 are the single-channel 25/50MHz models, and TGP3122/TGP3152 are the dual-channel 25/50MHz models.