Saelig introduces SOCOM EMI Shelters |

Saelig introduces SOCOM EMI Shelters

November 032014
Saelig introduces SOCOM EMI Shelters

November 3, 2014 - Saelig introduced SOCOM range of shielded enclosures to provide RF protection for communication and electronics equipment. This EMI-proof shielding solution prevents external electromagnetic or RF sources from penetrating into a sensitive environment that might otherwise be subject to interference or detection. SOCOM units have been especially designed for special operations field use where light weight is essential: the 4' x  4' x  5'4" shelter in its bag weighs a mere 21 lbs.

SOCOM enclosures provide an average 90dB of attenuation from 100MHz to 18GHz. One end can be opened for the transmission of directional signals. Because of their light weight, lower cost, and mobility, SOCOM shielded enclosures are a great solution for any security or testing application which will fit into a smaller enclosure.  

Constructed with a fast-erecting pop-up frame means that setup and strike times can be a minute or less, and the frame is strong enough to support shielded ventilation and I/O ports. Standard features include a zippered door with a conductive Velcro seal, battery-powered LED motion-sensing light, 3-layer floor, and two bulkhead COM connectors. The SOCOM range has a water-resistant, fire-retarding outer shell that is black on the outside, with metallic gray inner walls and a white floor. A MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)   Cordura soft transport bag is included.  Since each application is different, many options can be selected, such as:  power port configuration, more COM ports, 120VAC LED lights, shielded mesh windows, and alternative shell colors including tan, dark blue, camouflage patterns, and more.

There is a huge gap in usability, size and cost between available tabletop enclosures and external framed walk-in shielded enclosures.  These SOCOM units are positioned to fill that gap, and offer some very attractive benefits for those users who can utilize a smaller shielded enclosure.  Those benefits include:

  • Much lower cost than conventional enclosures, without sacrificing any features
  • Light weight construction makes them much easier to carry, set up, and transport
  • The internal pop-up/fold down frame enables fast setup or take down

Constructed with a single-layer Ni/Cu/Ag fabric, the shielded materials attenuate an average 90dB from 100 MHz to 18GHz (MIL-STD 285) with a fabric impedance of 0.05ohms/sq.  Three sizes of SOCOM enclosures are currently available: 4' x 4' x 5'4", 5' x 5' x 6', and 6' x 6' x 6'6" - with a larger unit planned.
SOCOM Enclosures are each custom-designed to meet customers' preferred specifications. They are manufactured in the USA by S.W.O.R.D. Inc., a service-disabled veteran-owned business.  SOCOM Enclosures are available now from Saelig Company Inc. Fairport, NY.

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