Saelig Introduces TNP6Gx Near-Field EMC Probe Set |

Saelig Introduces TNP6Gx Near-Field EMC Probe Set

October 302014
Saelig Introduces TNP6Gx Near-Field EMC Probe Set

October 30, 2014 - Saelig announces TNP6Gx Near-Field EMI Probe Set for investigating interference sources, estimating interference field strengths, verifying shielding and filtering designs, identifying faulty components, or detecting circuitry that may be sensitive to interference. Inexpensively priced, the set consists of two probes for magnetic field measurements and two for the measurement of electric fields.
These probes offer SMA-male connectors and provide a fast and easy means of detecting and coupling unwanted signals that could prevent a product from meeting regulatory emission requirements. The set is compact, and is a vital addition to any engineer's toolkit, working extremely well as a compact investigation tool with a USB-connected spectrum analyzer. This EMC probe set aids in identifying and measuring interference sources in electronic products as well as making generic EMC measurements. All probes are covered with an insulating layer, allowing safe measurement of oscillators or mains lines. Since they are passive probes, they can also be used as transmitting devices, so that the susceptibility of components and circuits can easily be investigated.

Reserving time and space in an approved and certified test facility to make sure a new product passes all relevant emissions standards is costly, but even more so if the product fails and a fix is required for unwanted radiation, and then subjected to retesting. It makes great sense to do initial EMI bench examination before the product gets to the test facility. Many designers and manufacturers do not have access to their own RF test lab with an EMI-proof chamber or expensive RF test-gear, but now pre-compliance testing is extremely affordable, and reveals problems before they become very expensive to fix.

Near-field magnetic (H-field) and electric (E-field) probes can "sniff" where EMI problems originate - circuit layouts, cables, and shielding. H-field probes use a conductive loop to detect magnetic fields produced by circuit board signals or switching power supplies. The probes produce a voltage corresponding to the magnetic field in front of the loop. To find emissions on individual pins or PCB traces, E-field probes can be used in direct contact with circuit traces. More than one size of H-field probe may help in evaluating emissions of different frequencies.

The TNP6Gx Near-Field EMI Probe Set consists of two H-field probes (40mm and 15mm loops) and two E-field probes (10mm and 5mm stubs) covering 10MHz to 12GHz, and is supplied in a convenient carry case. Made by Triarchy Technologies Corp., an innovative Canadian RF design house, the TNP6Gx Near-Field EMI Probe Set is available now from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport, NY, Triarchy's authorized US distributor.

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