SCADA software LAquis English version. |

SCADA software LAquis English version.

February 162016
SCADA software LAquis English version.
LCDS announces SCADA software LAquis English version.
SCADA software for supervisory control and data acquisition, industrial automation, storing, reports generation and applications development.
Complete SCADA software from interfaces to reporting.
Set tags, equipment, variables, databases, visual interfaces, customizable reports until advanced processes through a scripting language oriented to industrial automation.
Some differentials:
Flexible report generation from stored data through spreadsheets and scripts oriented to quality management.
3D interface option, converting 2D factory plan into a 3D OpenGL interface with objects associated with tags.
WEB server deployment.
Open source visual objects available with the SCADA script language.
Customizable drivers through SCADA script language.
Used in large companies in Brazil, mainly in food industries, but also present in areas like textile, metal, automotive, energy, wood, water, paper, etc...
Recommended architecture:
Recommended minimum computer specifications: Dual core, Windows 7, 2GB RAM.
Recommended maximum 3000 tags and 10 simultaneous drivers.