Scale-Tron upgrades Silo-Weigh II Pro system |

Scale-Tron upgrades Silo-Weigh II Pro system

January 282016
Scale-Tron upgrades Silo-Weigh II Pro system

January 28, 2016 - Scale-Tron upgrades Silo-Weigh II Pro system for controlling inventory in silos and liquid tanks. The touch-screen based system warns of low levels in vessels to prevent running out of material and halts in production, while potential overfills are identified before spillage can occur. A further bonus is measurement of every fill amount as a check on delivery shortages and fraud. A trend graph for each vessel is zoomable to any date and time, with all data stored on a USB memory stick for transfer to a computer running Excel.

Measurement is by bolt-on sensors on the silo legs or pressure sensors for liquid tanks used with admixtures and fuel oils. With no moving parts, reliability is excellent. Installation can be done in one day on most silos and climbing is not necessary.

Signal transmission from silos is digital but analog inputs allow recording of tank volumes and other variables such as temperature and moisture. SiloWeigh II Pro can also give individual displays from divided silos and silos on a shared frame. Analog outputs make connection to control systems and digital outputs give audible and visual warning. Digital inputs can be connected to switches which display a warning when activated; a typical application is indication of silo filter blockage from pressure switches on the silos.

Two sizes of touch screen, 3.5” and 5.7” have a 6 vessel display. By connection to the local network or a WiFi router, any network computer, Android phone or tablet computer can either view screens or control all functions. Setup and calibration are password controlled for security.