Schmidt Technology introduces ElectricPress 43 |

Schmidt Technology introduces ElectricPress 43

August 222014
Schmidt Technology introduces ElectricPress 43

August 22, 2014 - Schmidt Technology introduced the ElectricPress 43 that is designed and constructed specifically for integration into automated workcells. This all electric modular press enables a workcell builder to utilize his own control systems and safety devices.

Schmidt designed the ElectricPress 43 to accommodate workcell builders who desired an efficient and cost-effective press that bridges the technology gap between a standard air press and a servo press system. Engineered to optimize cycle times, the ElectricPress 43 is driven by a DC servo motor coupled to a rack & pinion drive. In contrast, a conventional servo press uses a precision ball screw or planetary roller drive.

Only a standard PLC and Schmidt EP Assistant Software are required to control the ElectricPress 43. Up to 14 customer-defined NC sets (motion paths) can be loaded and stored inside the motor. These NC sets specify the ram end position, travel velocity, ramp acceleration/deceleration speeds and the maximum allowable force. When establishing the NC sets, either force or ram end position can be chosen to end the pressing action, and the other acts as a limit.

Although inferior to a servo press in regards to ram positioning and force accuracy, the ElectricPress 43 is still capable of performing many pressing applications. Like a servo press, it provides true closed loop positioning control for precise, programmable stroke control while maintaining an accuracy of 0.002 inches. Equally important, the ElectricPress 43 is more economical, simpler to integrate into a workcell and does not require proprietary or custom software to interface with other workcell components.

Providing fully programmable force levels, the ElectricPress 43 can generate a continuous load capacity of 560 lbs. and a peak load capacity of 900 lbs. with an accuracy of ± 10%. In addition, the ram feed rate is also fully programmable with speeds reaching 5.9 inches per second.

Once installed in a PC, the Schmidt EP Assistant Software is used to program the individual NC sets (motion paths). The software is for set up purposes only, and once the NC sets are loaded into the motor, the PC is disconnected and removed. Discrete I/O signals that travel back and forth between the PLC and the NC sets control the press.