Schneider Electric introduces S Series pressure transmitters |

Schneider Electric introduces S Series pressure transmitters

Schneider Electric introduces S Series pressure transmitters




May 15, 2015 - Schneider Electric introduces Foxboro S Series pressure transmitters in models IDP10S, IGP10S and IAP10S. These two-wire pressure transmitters transmit a 4 to 20 mA signal with a superimposed HART smart instrumentation digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring.

The Foxboro S series two-wire pressure transmitters feature two “time-in-service” clocks. Foxboro's S series boosts accuracy while enabling customers to track time-in-service flawlessly. The time-in-service feature enables advanced diagnostics monitoring. For example, the time-in-service meter tracks the total number of days the transmitter has been powered up in the field over its lifetime. It also tracks the number of days the transmitter has been powered up since the last time the meter was reset, which enables users to better track reliability.

In addition, the user days value can be reset to zero using a HART communicator, a PC-based configurator, or the optional local indicator. (Note:  The lifetime service parameter cannot be reset.) Thus, Foxboro's predictive maintenance capability cuts costs. Foxboro also provides a wide range of applications that traditionally require two separate transmitters.

Foxboro's S series comes with an LCD indicator with on-board push-buttons for configuration.


"Foxboro's FoxCal multiple-calibration technology eliminates the need for a traditional single-span calibration at application-specific pressure ranges," said Foxboro S Series Product Manager Patrick Cupo. "This enables 11 calibrated ranges to be stored in the onboard memory. Calibrations preset in the factory cover the full pressure range of the transmitter."

Cupo noted that a real-time seamless transition from one calibrated range to another maintains accuracy as a percent of reading from 3 to 100 percent of the upper range limit (URL).

"The S series intelligent transmitters with FoxCal auto-calibration not only are the more accurate solution to pressure fluctuations," Cupo explained, "but each S series two-wire transmitter shrinks a company's stockpile of less-intelligent transmitters by two-thirds."

Cupo added that condensate build-up in the transmitter can be easily drained regardless of installation orientation. The conduit ports allow for easy draining.

 "The S series also features a best-in-industry, five-year standard warranty," Cupo said. "Most competitors offer only a one-year warranty on their transmitters."

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