Schneider Messtechnik updates SAPHIR QD measurement & analysis software |

Schneider Messtechnik updates SAPHIR QD measurement & analysis software

August 182014
Schneider Messtechnik updates SAPHIR QD measurement & analysis software

August 18, 2014 - Schneider Messtechnik updates SAPHIR QD measurement & analysis software so that the workpiece automatically integrates itself into the measurement process as an information carrier, without an RFID chip being required.

Measurement with the SAPHIR QD software is easy to complete: After the device has been switched on, it will only take a couple of clicks until the software is ready to measure and analyse the workpiece placed on the measuring table - no previous manual alignment is required. As soon as user’s hand has disappeared from the field of view, the workpiece recognition process will be triggered and measurement will be performed. In the next step, the measurement report including a graphical log of the measured elements will be displayed in the live image of the workpiece in the form of an overlay with colour coding (green=good; red=bad). The workpieces to be measured can even be placed on the measurement table in a mirror-inverted way – the part will nevertheless be recognised so that measurement can be performed without a problem.

In the development of SAPHIR QD, the design engineers at Schneider Messtechnik have not only provided for the measurement of individual parts, but have also succeeded in impressively integrating functionalities for the measurement of several identical parts (MMi=Multiple Measurement identical) and several different parts (MMd=Multiple Measurement different). The user is not even required to inform the control unit about the number of parts to be measured; this number can now freely vary from one measurement to the next. The software will reliably capture all parts positioned within the measurement coverage area.

Apart from the crucial aspect of fast measurement, the Schneider Messtechnik experts have also attended to the programming feature: whenever a workpiece without a dedicated measurement programme is placed on the measurement table, the contour of the part will nonetheless be recognised immediately.

The software will automatically identify the centroid of the workpiece and then perform an alignment operation. By placing arrow heads in the locations to be measured on the workpiece, the user can trigger an automatic transfer of measurement locations to the measurement programme. Alternatively, this task can also be entirely delegated to the software itself because the software is capable of capturing all measurable elements and integrating them into the measurement programme as required.