Seegrid Releases 'Subway Platform' to Improve Robot-Human Interaction |

Seegrid Releases 'Subway Platform' to Improve Robot-Human Interaction

April 6, 2016 – Seegrid today announced the addition of Subway Platform displays to its Supervisor product. The displays are designed to reduce downtime in the supply chain by providing subway-style estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) projections and data collection capabilities at each station where Seegrid’s vision guided vehicles (VGVs) retrieve or deliver materials.  The feature is part of Seegrid Supervisor, the fleet management tool that enables users to remotely connect, monitor, and control their fleet of VGVs.

The Subway Platform concept was developed in coordination with Whirlpool Corporation, which uses Seegrid’s vision guided pallet trucks and tow tractors to increase safety and efficiency in its manufacturing operations. Supervisor’s ETA projections improve communication and coordination between en route VGVs and their human coworkers.

Seegrid Supervisor uses web technology inside customer facilities to fill the communication gaps created from machine automation by establishing two-way dialogue between humans and their robotic coworkers. The expansion of Supervisor with Subway Platform is the latest result of Seegrid’s collaboration with customers to develop solutions that ensure flexibility, efficiency, and safety throughout the supply chain.