SensorData Introduces T120 Flange Reaction Torque Sensor |

SensorData Introduces T120 Flange Reaction Torque Sensor

September 122014
SensorData Introduces T120 Flange Reaction Torque Sensor

September 12, 2014 – SensorData Technologies announced Model T120 Flange Reaction Torque Sensor with high torsional stiffness that provides substantial increases in overhung moments, shear weight and maximum thrust. Units feature a 2” diameter, overall length of 1.75” and total weight of less than 1 lb.  This reduced size and weight allows for added ease and flexibility of installation at either the driver, or absorber end, of the measurement chain.  

Model T120 reaction torque sensors are available in five unique ranges (50, 100, 200, 500 and 1K lb-in), with a typical rated output of 2 mV/V.  Their sensing transduction technology utilizes a full bridge sensing element with integral temperature compensation, making possible tight zero and sensitivity shifts of only 0.002% of load/F. The non-linearity, hysteresis and overall accuracy specifications of the Model T120 are 0.10% of rated output, with repeatability rated at 0.05% of output.  The maximum load of 200% of rated torque capacity will not cause a permanent shift in performance characteristics.  
External AC carrier or DC strain gage signal conditioning electronics, such as the SensorData i200, are recommended for use along with the Model T120.  In addition, SensorData is also able to calibrate the Model T120 together with customer-supplied electronics for a fee.

Typical applications for the Model T120 include high-accuracy non-rotating torque measurements of motors, pumps, compressors, tire braking, as well as a variety of twisting measurements.