SEPAC introduces MSEB power off brake |

SEPAC introduces MSEB power off brake

January 112016
SEPAC introduces MSEB power off brake

January 11, 2016 - SEPAC introduces MSEB Series, a manual release, power off brake. The MSEB’s standard manual release handle provides a way to manually release brake when power is not available, and an IP64-rated dust cover keeps the friction surface free of debris. Steel plates and forged/cast steel coil housings offer excellent heat dissipation for heavy-duty applications. Engineered friction material provides long life and low fade, and a splined hub for shaft connections typically provides less than 1.5° backlash and an anti-rattle feature for quiet operation at high speeds. Additionally, a torque adjustment collar allows the operator to reduce static torque by 50% for soft dynamic stopping.

Typically, spring engaged brakes are available only with 24 VDC operation – the MSEB comes standard in 24, 90 and190 VDC (48 VDC upon request). Designed for dry operation, MSEB brakes mount easily to motors and frames for applications including: material handling/lift and pallet truck tracking motor brakes, electric vehicles (e.g., scissor lifts, automation robots) elevators, electric winches/cranes and wind fin/prop actuators.