Sepro America announces Axess 44 servo robot

Sepro America announces Axess 44 servo robot
March 9, 2010 - Axess 44 from Sepro America brings affordable automation to processors operating injection-molding machines as large as 1000 tons. The new robot comes with the Touch 2 control system – including a 10-inch screen with on-board documentation, simple pick-and-place programming, and more –as standard equipment. Instead of a conventional keypad, which is commonly used for manual adjustment of robot positions, the Touch 2 controls pendant has a joystick that allows operators to actually steer the Axess robot to fine-tune its movements.

The Axess 44 has a standard horizontal stroke of 2500mm (98 inches), although longer beams (up to 10,000mm or over 30 feet) are available on request. A standard telescoping vertical arm provides a stroke of 2000mm (78 inches), without requiring additional ceiling height. The standard demolding or strip stoke is 1100mm (43 inches). Maximum instantaneous speed on the horizontal axes is 2 meters/sec, and the robot has a payload capacity of 25 kg (55 lb).

Like the smaller robots previously available, the new Axess 44 comes equipped with the latest Touch 2 controls. Using ultra-simple icon-driven instructions, even an inexperienced operator can create basic pick-and-place robot cycles. Easy-to-follow on-screen prompts lead the user through the execution of the robot cycle, including the teaching of all relevant robot positions. Axess Touch 2 controls also support direct programming… the step-by-step creation of a robot cycle from scratch. Up to 99 different applications can be memorized and stored for instant recall.A USB memory stick is available for storage and transfer of programs.

Other attractive standard features, normally available only on more expensive robots, include:
  • Simultaneous motion on all three axes;
  • Sepro-exclusive ‘Y-free’ function, which provides for the programmed release of the strip-axis motor, allowing free movement of the robot arm and load-free ejector tracking;
  • Multiple vacuum and pressure circuits to allow degating, selective part placement and other functions;
  • Quick disconnects for fast changeovers;
  • Optional pneumatic R2 wrist rotation (parallel to the demolding axis) allows three positions during the cycle – 0º, 90º and 180º.