SeQent updates Marquee Manager VideoSERVER |

SeQent updates Marquee Manager VideoSERVER

SeQent updates Marquee Manager VideoSERVER

Aptil 1, 2015 - SeQent announced the availability of the 3rd generation of Marquee Manager VideoSERVER - the Web Edition. This new solution will enable any HTML5 WebSocket compatible browser (Android 4.x+, IOS 7+, Google Chrome, Windows IE 10+, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) to display Marquee Manager ANDON data on smartphones, tablets and Cisco Edge digital media players (DMP) connected to LCD displays. 

The VideoSERVER solution is a component of the Marquee Manager suite of products. The 2nd generation of the VideoSERVER was developed in partnership with Cisco to support their digital media players (DMP). In addition to the DMP product line, those smartphones running FLASH have also been involved in the testing and certification. The first generation, which includes the configuration editor tool and emulator, allows you to connect any LCD monitor, video projector or digital signage to a TCP/IP network.

“With this new web interface development, a true mobile ANDON solution is born that can piggy back on the LED & LCD displays on the shop floor. This, coupled with the use of Marquee Manager and numerous SeQent gateways provides the most reliable and robust ANDON solution in the marketplace. Key tactical and strategic information can be displayed from Life Safety, Maintenance, Production and Quality systems on multiple platforms and devices” says Scott Burns, SeQent’s Chief Technology Officer.

Several large Automotive OEM’s who are already using the VideoSERVER, and have adopted Marquee Manager as their ANDON standard, are in the process of deploying the Web Edition. The VideoSERVER product is available as a hardware appliance that includes the emulator license or as a software only license. Pricing is per appliance and the emulator software license is per device or available as a site license.

About SeQent

SeQent is an early pioneer and leading software provider in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space and provides a bridge between Alarms & Events that occur in plant floor equipment and applications and pushes information to textual and visual devices. This enables hourly and salaried workers to make better informed decisions that improves productivity and quality, while increasing plant floor visibility and profitability. Creating new or utilizing the logic and business rules already set up in Life Safety, Facilities, Production, Quality and Maintenance systems, key information can proactively be sent to MOTOTRBO™ two‑way radios, pagers, smartphones as well as LED/LCD displays and tablets.