Servomex upgrades Df-500 Oxygen Analyzer |

Servomex upgrades Df-500 Oxygen Analyzer

Servomex upgrades Df-500 Oxygen Analyzer

June 1, 2015 - Servomex upgrades Df-500 Oxygen Analyzer with an improved user interface and firmware that ensures exceptional low-end stability.

Specially designed to eliminate the spurious effects of background noise at very low ppb levels, the resultant performance produces a stable measurement that meets the most demanding requirements.

The graphical menu interface makes measurement information more easily accessible. The improved interface gives users additional confidence that that their system is delivering optimum performance.   All of the performance and graphical user interface improvements are incorporated into a smart and distinctive new housing.

DF-500 analyzers are optimized for semiconductor, LED and specialty gas applications that depend on exceptional ultra high purity (UHP) gas quality. The DF-550E and DF-560E use a Coulometric E-sensor to measure down to 200ppt and 45ppt respectively – the latter the very lowest measurement available to the industry.  DF-500 analyzers offer fast measurement response and quick upstep recovery to avoid running blind when process problems occur. And with the solid-state Coulometric sensor delivering a direct O2 measurement, rather than using unwieldy catalytic processes that require flammable hydrogen to function, the DF-500 series delivers a measurement that is not only highly sensitive but completely safe.