Shimadzu releases SPG-120-REV monochromator |

Shimadzu releases SPG-120-REV monochromator

Shimadzu releases SPG-120-REV monochromator

April 6, 2015 - Shimadzu releases SPG-120-REV monochromator system package for high speed, high accuracy optical spectrometry applications including in-line inspection of flat panel displays, monitoring vacuum evaporation of thin films, and evaluation of spectral characteristics of cameras. 

The SPG-120-REV achieves wavelength changes ten times faster than conventional models by directly driving a grating with a stepping motor, thereby reducing measurement times by 50%. The compactness and software control of the SPG-120-REV system offers a wide range of applications including two dimensional spectral mapping of solar cell materials and optical devices. The system consists of a diffraction grating, monochromatic light source, and an optical detector to analyze luminescent, reflectance or transmission spectra of materials and devices such as LEDs. The spectra yield important information about the quality and possible existence of defects in materials and devices. Hence, monochromator based spectroscopy is used widely in production lines of quality control of flat panel displays, monitoring dry etching processes of semiconductors, and thin film evaporation systems. 

SPG-120-REV monochromator system is able to accurately and reproducibly move from 200 nm to 900 nm in just two seconds. This speed and accuracy were realized by attaching the grating directly to the stepping motor that is used to move the grating to change optical wavelengths.

This feature will improve the throughput for applications that require measurements of large numbers of samples; multi-wavelength analysis of individual samples; and two dimensional mapping of the surfaces of materials and devices.


-The 5 phase stepping motor with the high reduction ratio harmonic drive gearing enables high-speed wavelength positioning speed (500nm/s) that is 10 times that of conventional models.

-Move 200 nm to 900 nm in just 2 seconds.

-When the system is configured with an appropriate detector and amplifier (wavelength range 300nm to 900nm at a pitch of 10nm) then the measurement time is reduced by 50% compared with conventional models using ‘sine bar’ control of the grating.

-The 5 phase stepping motor with the high slowdown ratio gear enables high durability for repeated wavelength positioning, being 5 times more robust than conventional models using sine bar control.

- The wavelength of the monochromator is stable even if wavelength movement is repeated. Speed and efficiency while reducing human errors in the analysis workflow.

-The monochromator unit is compact with a total area of only 100 mm wide and 187 long.

The xenon lamp SPG-120-REV monochromatic light source set consists of components including a 150W xenon lamp (ozone-less type), bundle optical fiber, and motorized direct movement type compact monochromator SPG-120-REV. The systems monochromatic light and changes the wavelength of the output light at high-speed. The SPG-120-REV system enables acquisition of the spectral characteristics of solar cell materials, semiconductors, light detecting elements, fluorescent substances and other optical devices.