Siemens adds Sitrans pressure transmitters |

Siemens adds Sitrans pressure transmitters

Siemens adds Sitrans pressure transmitters

June 18, 2015 -  Siemens adds Sitrans P310 and P410 pressure transmitters, and updates the Sitrans P500.

The P310 pressure transmitter offers a measurement accuracy of 0.075 percent, making it ideal for applications in fields such as water supply and disposal. With measurement accuracy of 0.04 percent, when used in combination with an orifice meter, the Sitrans P410 is ideally suited for applications such as the flow measurements required when filling and emptying gas tanks. The same applies to pressure measurements for process gases or fluids in low and high pressure applications up to 700 bar.

The Sitrans P500 differential pressure transmitter has been updated for standard measurement ranges from 50 mbar to 32 bar,  a response time of 88 ms, and the ability to operate in temperatures of -49°C to +125°C (-56.2 °F to 257 °F), Sitrans P500 is suited for the ultra-precise measurement of differential pressure, filling level and flow rate.

All of the transmitter series are simple to operate using just three push buttons, and offer a long-term stability of 0.125 percent over a period of five years, allowing calibration cycles to be extended and maintenance work reduced with all the associated cost savings. They are also certified to SIL 2/3 and dispose the commonly required Ex zone certifications.