Siemens announces Quadlog DP/IO BUS Link

Siemens announces Quadlog DP/IO BUS Link
March 31, 2010 – Plants with Quadlog process safety system installations can modernize to the Simatic PCS 7 process control system at a fraction of the time and cost.

The Quadlog DP/IO BUS Link from Siemens Industry lowers the total cost of ownership by modernizing the controllers while leaving the TÜV rated Quadlog or private labeled Quadlog I/O modules in place. The existing safety matrix (cause and effects configuration) can also be retained, which enables plants to keep their current safety levels, while updating to hardware that supports node-to-node redundancy and a SIL 3 rating.

By modernizing the Quadlog safety system, plants also achieve enhanced process control capabilities, including the flexibility and added capacity of multiple scan rates (down to 10 milliseconds). The modernization to PCS 7 also provides higher fault tolerance, flexible modular redundancy, higher safety (SIL 3 independent of redundancy with no degraded mode), integrated asset management, integrated safety fieldbus and integrated Ethernet.

“Quadlog DP/IO BUS Link allows users to upgrade their Quadlog controllers while preserving a significant portion of their current investment in Quadlog I/O modules,” says Ken Keiser, Siemens process automation marketing manager. “Now, Quadlog users and OEMs can plan the future of their process safety systems.”

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