Siemens introduces 3VA5 and 3VA6 circuit breakers at SPS IPC Drives |

Siemens introduces 3VA5 and 3VA6 circuit breakers at SPS IPC Drives

October 262016
Siemens introduces 3VA5 and 3VA6 circuit breakers at SPS IPC Drives

October 26, 2016 - At this year's SPS IPC Drives, Siemens will present two new models of the company's molded case circuit breakers, the 3VA5 and 3VA6, which now also meet the UL489 standard for North America and can be used worldwide. In buildings and industrial plants, molded case circuit breakers protect cables and electrical loads from damage and failures that can be caused by disruptions such as short circuits or overloads. In addition to the IEC60947-2 European standard, the devices now also meet the UL489 standard. Global switchgear manufacturers can now use the 3VA molded case circuit breakers in Europe as well as in North America. Technical information about the devices can be retrieved via QR code and extensive CAx data facilitates planning and configuration. The devices can be used for plant protection, as circuit breakers for a motor-starter combination, and as a molded case switch. With more than 500 accessory components, plant manufacturers can meet all individual requirements for electrical power distribution.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent organization that tests and certifies products with regard to their operational safety. The UL certification mark verifies that a product complies with safety regulations in the U.S.

Siemens optimized the new 3VA5 model range for standard applications in power distribution. The 3VA5 molded case circuit breaker with thermomagnetic trip unit is available for line protection in 1- and 3-pole versions. Siemens offers the 3VA5 in sizes: one with a rated current of 125 amperes (A) with a switching capacity up to 65 kiloamperes (kA) and the other with 250 A and a switching capacity of 100 kA at 480 volts (V). In addition to versions for plant protection, the new devices are also available as circuit breakers for motor-starter combinations and as molded case switches.

The 3VA6 model range with a rated current of 600 A and an electronic trip unit (ETU) is suitable for expanded applications. Depending on the requirement, the ETUs are available in three different series (3-series, 5-series, and 8-series) with different functionality gradations. The ETU from the 8-series, for example, measures voltage, current, and energy data and has an optional communication capability to transfer this information directly to energy management or automation systems. The 3VA6 model can communicate via Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet (Modbus TCP), and Modbus RTU. The molded case circuit breakers in the frame sizes 150 A, 250 A, 400 A, and 600 A feature high switching capacities up to 150 kA at 480V. Siemens additionally offers versions of the molded case circuit breakers, which can be operated continuously with 100 percent of the specified nominal current.

The 3VA6 molded case circuit breaker is also available as a circuit breaker for motor-starter combinations up to 500 A and as a molded case switch up to 600 A.

Siemens offers a range of accessories for both model ranges, such as manual operator Max-Flex with bowden cable. The handle of these manual operators is installed in the control cabinet door; the circuit breaker can be switched on and off manually.

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