Siemens introduces RF310R, RF340R & RF350R RFID readers |

Siemens introduces RF310R, RF340R & RF350R RFID readers

November 182016
Siemens introduces RF310R, RF340R & RF350R RFID readers

November 18, 2016 - Siemens has modernized its Simatic RF300 RFID system by adding three readers: RF310R, RF340R and RF350R. They are integrated into the Simatic Step 7 engineering systems and the TIA Portal to make commissioning easier. The readers offer an additional transponder protocol (air interface) for MOBY E transponders (MIFARE classic, ISO 14443 A) and automatic recognition of various types of transponder (RF300, ISO 15693, MIFARE classic). The system is designed for controlling and optimizing the material flow in industrial production, above all in closely packed assembly lines and workpiece holder systems.

The new reader generation can be integrated into Simatic controllers. It is fully compatible with the existing RF300 product family: mechanically (dimensions, mounting holes), electrically (power supply and interfaces) and for system  integration (application software, function blocks, communication modules). For migration, old MOBY I systems only need to have the readers and transponders replaced. MOBY E systems can be expanded with RF300 readers. This enables MOBY E installations to be converted without replacing the transponders.

The setup help finds the optimal position for the antenna to achieve reliability, especially in metallic environments. In this way, users can optimize the position of the reader transponder during installation and commissioning without needing additional equipment. Both the RF310R and RF340R readers have an integrated antenna. An external antenna can be connected to the RF350R. Antennas are available in various shapes and sizes to suit the particular application.

Further devices and functions of the Simatic RF300 RFID system will be modernized at a later date.