Siemens introduces Simatic RF680A Adaptive RFID antenna |

Siemens introduces Simatic RF680A Adaptive RFID antenna

Siemens introduces Simatic RF680A Adaptive RFID antenna

March 8, 2016 - Siemens introduces Simatic RF680A Adaptive RFID antenna for Siemens RF650R, RF680R und RF685R UHF readers.

The variable-polarization antenna (linear or circular) simplifies the commissioning and planning of RFID applications, and the automatic antenna adjustment facility makes for increased read and write reliability. These benefits create flexibility for users, as it is frequently not possible to know during the planning phase whether linear or circular polarizing antennas will be required. The RF650R and RF680R readers have ports for four external antennas, allowing the implementation of four read points. In conjunction with the RF685R, two read points are possible.

Where the ambient conditions differ (reading distance, tag positioning, reflections), the user can adjust the antenna's polarization. Alternatively, the reader uses special algorithms to automatically select the right antenna configuration for each individual read operation. This not only saves time during commissioning but also improves reliability, particularly in highly reflective wireless environments.

The improved front-to-back ratio reduces reflections and the resulting interference or falsified read results. A large multi-color LED clearly indicates antenna activity, recorded tags and errors.

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