Siemens introduces Sinamics DCP power converter |

Siemens introduces Sinamics DCP power converter

Siemens introduces Sinamics DCP power converter

April 21, 2016 - The Sinamics DCP DC power converter from Siemens extends the scalable power range achievable with a parallel connection up to 480 kilowatts. The high-switching frequency enables smaller reactors to be used to save space. The integrated voltage control allows the DC/DC power converter also to be used as a high-power 0 to 800 V DC voltage source.

The Sinamics DCP is suitable for industrial and multi-generator applications in the renewable energy sector. As a buck-boost converter with scalable power, the device can work in either motor or generator mode. The unit can connect two DC voltage levels on both the input and output side. This makes the Sinamics DCP ideal for charging and discharging batteries and supercapacitors. Internal protective measures ensure that the connected devices are neither overcharged nor completely discharged. The high internal switching frequency makes the compact design and low weight possible. The overload capability of up to 150 percent of the rated current allows it to be used in even highly dynamic applications.

A higher-level voltage controller monitors the DC link, and can maintain the requisite voltage for a period of time if the power electronics system fails. As a slow follower controller, an integrated maximum power point tracker searches continuously for the optimum working point, at which the highest possible power can be drawn from a solar panel. Profibus is used as the standard communication interface. A Profinet or Ethernet/IP interface is available as an option to connect to an industrial network. The BOP20 Basic Operator Panel is available for commissioning purposes and local operator control.

The Sinamics DCP DC/DC power converter can be used in a range of applications. These include its use as a hybrid system with energy storage in photovoltaic and wind power plants, or for covering peak loads in press applications. It can also be used in diesel-powered gantry cranes and storage and retrieval systems, as well as in rapid charging stations for electric cars, and as a voltage source for test rig equipment in the automotive industry.

Stationary battery storage systems can also be implemented with Sinamics DCP. The new "Bohemia Rhapsody" passenger ship in Prague has an innovative propulsion concept that shows how such systems work in practice. The Sinamics DCP on this ship enables the battery-fed bow thruster to act as a redundant propulsion system. The battery is used here in three different operating modes: With a rated power of 50 kilowatts to assist maneuvering, in booster mode with
80 kilowatts peak power, and in emergency mode with a power rating of 50 kilowatts up to a maximum of 70 kilowatts. The state of charge of the battery is monitored and controlled by the on-board computer to ensure that there is always sufficient reserve capacity in the battery for thirty minutes of emergency operation. Bow thruster booster mode is disabled if the charge falls below the capacity reserved for emergency operation. The Sinamics DCP DC/DC power converter connects the battery to the DC bus.